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Adult Bible Study: “Trust God’s Timing”

This Sunday we continue with part four of our six-week study: “Christ’s Return: Living with the End in Mind.” In this study we look at Matthew 24:32-41 “Trust God’s Timing.”

In what ways have you seen people become sidetracked by discussion of the end times? What did Jesus have to say about the timing of His return? The Lord addressed this in Matthew 24, as we continue to examine what Jesus said about the end days. This Sunday we will discuss Matthew 24:36, possibly the most quoted verse of Jesus’ teaching about the time of His return. This verse serves as a strong reminder to deter us from setting specific dates for the second coming of Christ. Unfortunately, this word from Jesus goes against all the curious leanings of humanity.

We are inclined to want to know when something will come to pass. The larger the event, the more interested we become in its occurrence. We want to know all the specifics and details! Join us this Sunday as we learn more about Jesus’ teachings about His return.


May 15 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Old Sanctuary
Old Sanctuary


Marc Krevo